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Financial Transformation Specialists

Who is GSA?
Growth Syndicates Australia (GSA) has a dedicated team focused on financial transformations for our clients. We enable unique & exclusive investment opportunities for clients to achieve specific outcomes.

What is GSA?
Best described by what our clients achieve …

  • Eliminate Debt – consolidate debt and pay off the mortgage in around 5 years.
  • Create Wealth – leverage existing and available funds to build a substantial financial future.
  • Retire in Style – significantly enhance superannuation for an ideal retirement lifestyle.

A group of clients (a syndicate) join a trust fund which acquires property in a premium location for redevelopment and sale over a medium term. This strategy takes advantage of 5 financial components.

The GSA Advantage
By registering you as an experienced investor within a wholesale fund (level above Off The Plan Investing & Retail Investing) you get to share in a higher rate of growth. Accessing this higher rate of growth enables you to achieve financial outcomes in shorter periods of time. Syndication investing allows you to invest less to achieve more without impacting your lifestyle.

Unique & Exclusive Opportunity
Exceptional investment growth - leveraging a larger property project for bigger profits. A suburb growing at 5% pa can achieve a 20% pa syndication growth ... as an experienced investor within a wholesale fund, capital growth is one component, the other four components are significant. Our current syndicate locations are in Brighton, Malvern East, Kew, Glen Iris & Mont Albert North.

Using what you already have you can start today. GSA enables access to investment opportunities that most people think only wealthy professional investors can access. Our clients invest via finance, available funds or superannuation.

The GSA Process
Everyone is busy – that’s a fact. But did you know? – for everyday you have a mortgage and underperforming investments or superannuation you could be missing out on $350 … everyday!!!

GSA takes care of the end to end process and beyond – it’s a partnership. The client experience is very important to us and we are proud of our 4 step process that takes the hassle and expense out of a financial transformation.

It all starts with an initial telephone discussion.

Next Steps

  • Initial Contact – Call GSA on the number listed below for a friendly chat and arrange a meeting at our office, your home or Zoom meeting. If you’re busy right now fill out the form below and submit for GSA to call you.
  • Meeting - Provide you with a clear picture on what GSA achieves for our clients, and with no charge or obligation see where these results can apply to you.


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